• Saskatoon Berries
    Saskatoon Berries

    Saskatoon Berries are being called the crop for the next century.

  • The Next Super Fruit
    The Next Super Fruit

    High in antioxidants, Saskatoon Berries are the next superfruit

  • Purchase plants in bulk
    Purchase plants in bulk

    Demand for saskatoon berries will increase.

  • Seasonal U-Pick
    Seasonal U-Pick

    Join us at our U-Pick farm where you can pick your own berries.

Saskatoon Michigan can provide you with the plants and assistance you need.


Sorry to say that we are no longer accepting orders for spring 2015 shipping. Any orders now received will be shipped in the fall 2015. We will accept orders beyond 2015 and strongly encourage early ordering.


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Saskatoon berries are purplish-blue berries that grow on bushes. They also go by the name, June berries, and service berries. They look much like a blueberry, but vary in size and color. Saskatoons are used in a wide variety of food items including juices, jams, and pie fillings.
I’ts a long-accepted fact that fruits are good for the body. Certain fruits, however, offer such a high amount of antioxidants and disease-fighting capabilities, they’ve earned the name superfruit for their superior level of health benefits.
Current demand for these berries outweighs the available supply. Once the true value of this commodity is realized by consumers, demand will continue to rise.