Northern Michigan Farm Conference Show

Hello ya’ll Saskatooners,

Just a quick note to say thank you all for stopping by to see us at the Northern Michigan Farm Conference Show yesterday. Hope everyone has/had a safe drive back home. It was nice to meet some new smiling faces and reacquaint with others. When we speak again next, you may have to remind me that we met at the show, as we met so many of you for the first time yesterday, and something about age and memory, uh, I forget.

Thank you especially to those of you that purchased our Saskatoon products and  we remind you that we welcome your feedback. Please follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with progress, and would also like to mention  now, that there is a Saskatoon Farm tour for the Grand Traverse region being planned at this time, and will take place probably early to mid June, stay tuned for further details.

Stay warm, think spring, Steve

From Steve@Saskatoon Michigan

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