Saskatoon Michigan Now Accepting Plant Orders For 2016

It seems to happen every year. The entire 2015 inventory of young saskatoon bushes at Saskatoon Michigan has been spoken for, but we are growing plants that could have your name on them for fall 2016 delivery.

Don’t wait longer than necessary. Order early to secure your plants from Saskatoon Michigan!

Some hobbyists think about ordering plants the month before they want the fruit. With saskatoons it doesn’t work that way. Serious growers plan ahead in order to have healthy, well-developed plants, ready to go into the ground on schedule.

At Saskatoon Michigan we get your plants established at our farm a year in advance, and nurture them for maximum strength, endurance and development.

So place your order while there is still time to take advantage of all four seasons of development, and reap the harvest of your good sense and planning.

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