We are nestled in the rolling hills of a very scenic, agriculturally diverse region northeast of Traverse City, Michigan. The cool summer breezes gently blow from Grand Traverse Bay, adding to our summer comfort, and helping the crops throughout the year by moderating temperatures.

Though I have been a custom cabinet maker for decades, the slow down from 2008-2012  led me to look at other business opportunities. With 3 acres of growing grass, (not the medicinal kind) I recognized some agricultural potential in our property. With limited space available, I knew we needed to look at a niche crop. I was introduced to saskatoons by a now retired MSU Extension agent. After researching recommended growing conditions and the many health aspects of saskatoons, I was convinced that this was one of the super fruits of the future. We started planting on our existing property. Since that time I have found that our property was not large enough to satisfy demand, so we expanded onto other nearby property to increase our production. We do process value added products such as jam and fruit fillings on small scale to sell at our farm, trade shows or farmers markets that we attend.

We also operate a small nursery propagating and selling saskatoon plants. We play a key role in supplying growers of all levels, from the backyard enthusiast to commercial producers.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about purchasing fresh or frozen fruit or how saskatoons might work for your particular product.

Stay Toon’d!